Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Licensed Electric Contractor – How Much It is Going To Cost?

Are you ready to have some electrical work installed or maybe an electrical problem or two repaired? You have to consider “How much is this going to cost me?” People advertise things like “the lowest prices in town”, “I’ll beat any estimate”, “No job too small or No job too big”, “I’ll fix any problem” ” Cheapest Electrician in town” or “I can do it all”. This sounds very good and maybe they really do know this profession that well.

In reality if they are the lowest price in town and can beat any estimate they may not have a state certified electrical contractor’s license, proper insurance or bonding. They may be supplying low quality electrical material. You also have to consider if they will be in business for possible warranty work required in the future, they may lack enough capital to finish your job properly. Yes, it costs money to protect you, the consumer. For the information about the cost of licensed electrician, a visit can be made at the official site. The site provides different options for the collection of the correct information. A click to read more at the available features can be made to have an excellent experience at the place. 

“No job too small, No job too Big”, “I’ll fix any problem” or “I do it all” are red light warning signs of a novice not knowing what they are talking about. Generally speaking the small companies or the one man shop don’t have the manpower or financial backing for the big jobs. A couple of my favorite comments in many of the ads posted include “I’ll fix any problem” or “I do it all”. Really, if they could do it all, they would have a great job working someplace making really big money.

Is every licensed and insured electrician better than an unlicensed electrical person? I highly doubt it! I’m not criticizing the unlicensed persons’ ability to do their job properly. Some of these people are the same people the licensed contractor will dispatch to service your home or business’ electrical needs. The difference arises when there’s a problem with the job. Nobody is perfect, mistakes are made and accidents do happen to the best of us.

What happens when there’s a major safety problem with the job and you can’t resolve it with the contractor? The local or state licensing board is a very powerful dispute resolution force for the consumer if they have a problem with a licensed, insured & bonded contractor. What if the unlicensed & uninsured person damages your home because of an accident or a mistake in the wiring job? Sure you can sue them but you probably can’t collect anything because they don’t have anything of value to lose. You are just plain out of luck and you’ll have to pay someone else to fix it again. Also, check with your own insurance agent about who is financially responsible for the uninsured worker(s) that might get hurt while working on your property, before hiring them.

I believe most contracting companies started out as small one or two man operations just as I did years ago. The skilled trade people are good at their profession but most lack a good business plan to run a successful company. Sadly many businesses fail in the first two years and most will fail within five years.

Before doing business with any “company” verify if they are registered, licensed, bonded and insured. Additionally find out how long have they been in business? Reputable service people and companies are easy for you to contact. They should have a business card or photo identification, business address, phone, fax line, cellular number, e-mail address and maybe even a website that you can contact them through.

If you think paying a professional to fix an electrical problem is expensive, you will be shocked to see how much an amateur will really cost you in the end.