Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Obesity In Children

Obesity in children is now becoming worrying even with the introduction of diet plans like Resurge. Each day, we read or hear disturbing facts in the media linked to the well being and health of children. To be honest, this is far more important than the current depression and economic hard times we are going through.

When such news is linked to the adults of the future, or simply our younger family members, we have to sit up and listen. What makes things worse is that it does not look like obesity in children is going to end anytime soon. So how did it all begin? What caused this to happen to the younger generation?

Questions like this will prick the thoughts of many people reading this. It made me want to look into it a little closer. A quick search on the internet for ‘obesity in children’ brings up quite a few facts that are worth mentioning here.

Studies undertaken by a health organization named “The Society of Obesity” in 2006 show that kids drinking milk and water twenty years earlier were now replaced by kids today drinking soda. And it has been in those last twenty tears that obesity in children has more than doubled. And the soda companies have done very well financially as well!

So the conclusion of the study was that soda companies who do a lot of glitzy adverts and sponsorship deals with sporting events have played a major part in the increase of obesity in children. Because soda is marketed as fashionable, the young ones beg their parents to include as part of the regular food shopping.

But if you ask the big soda manufacturers, they will tell you that it is not their fault but the fault of the parents. They may have a point as a lot of these soda companies offer ‘low sugar’ or ‘diet’ versions of the products they produce. If parents knew the facts about calories and sugar content, they would be more inclined to buy the low-calorie version of the soda instead of the regular version. Parents are also unaware of the best fat burners for women that can add to the diet of their kids in order to keep them in great shape.

Yet if you go into any supermarket and have a quick look at what some people have in their shopping carts, you will still see the 2-liter regular soft drinks being purchased in ever-increasing quantities.

The tragedy is that both the soda companies have a part of the blame in this. The methods and locations that the soda companies advertise their products could do with reviewing. And as for the parents, they should be more responsible in making sure their kids are not drinking high-calorie sodas on a regular basis and even introduce some daily activity to help the children stay healthy.

There is a lot more about obesity in children than what is mentioned here. But just those small changes with regards to soda choices and exercise will make a difference.