Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Weed Vapourizers- The Future Face Of Cannabis Consumption!

Cannabis is being consumed by people for recreational purposes for ages. Hemp is known to be one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. Historically, it holds significance in making canvas and pottery.

Though there is a myth that smoking weed reduces the IQ level of young adults or teens, this has never stopped potheads from going all in. Why wouldn’t they? Even Shakespeare used to take it!

It is consumed in a variety of ways by weed enthusiasts all around the globe, but one that stands out is vaping. Its use has escalated in recent years because of its handy nature and simple utility.

The growing fad-

A vaporizer is nothing but a device that converts cannabis to vapor due to heat and is suitable for all the products, be it oil, capsules, flower, etc. Though they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, they are usually of two types – a dry herb vaporizer that uses flowers and the rest use concentrates.

The point of vaporizing is lower than the ignition point or the burning point, which attracts more and more stoners towards it.

This leading smoking accessory not only comes in a variety of forms but is also a tad bit different in the process of vaporization. A lot of them work on electricity, some on battery, and so on.

What leads to the widespread popularity of weed vaporizers?

This escalating demand can be a result of numerous factors-

  • The advantage visible on the face of it is portability. These mini devices are easy to carry from one place to another and do not require much effort, work, and precision in making a perfect joint or any other form.
  • Many potheads consider this as a cleaner and healthier variant as there is no tobacco or substance having tar in it, which reduces the risk of cancer associated with smoking it in a cigarette.
  • The output from the vaporizers is said to be stronger and more effective than any other method.
  • The beginners or novices prefer these devices because, for them, this is the best way of smoking weed as they do not have to depend on someone else for making a joint.

The future of Vaporizers-

Studies have shown that a large section of society, especially teens, are shifting towards vaping because of a lot of visible benefits associated with it.

  • The experienced smokers, who can differentiate in the quality and can put their finger on even the slightest change, swear by vaporizers for a better hit, taste, and an overall hike in the episode. There are a lot of risks associated with smoking weed in a cigarette, which makes vaping an ideal choice.
  • There is said to be a very negligible wastage of the product in form of vapors, and those who love their pot know that a good quality weed can cost an arm and a leg.
  • There is a jump in the use of CBD, the medicinal variant of cannabis. It is said to work to its best capacities when taken in-form of vapors. With the escalation in consumption and legalization of CBD, the demand for weed vaporizer is also skyrocketing. Medical experts are vouching for the therapeutic uses of marijuana for a long time now. A lot of countries have even made it legal in recent times owing to the positive effects of CBD on patients with anxiety, depression, skin allergies, chronic pain, PTSD, and even cancer.
  • A lot of healthcare experts suggest that vaporizers are the ideal method of inhaling CBD, especially for patients who are unable to swallow or cannot be given the visible form as it is too difficult to get hold of them.
  • A survey shows that there was an increase of 105% in CBD vape in the year 2017-18. It can be a result of the research showing that the human body can absorb around 34-46% of CBD through vaping as compared to only 10% when taken in any other form.

Weed has always had a significant place in society, be it for the negative image that made it illegal in several countries in the past or the recent paradigm shift in-form of CBD. The sale of weed vaporizer has increased in leaps and bounds, especially in the last few years, making it the new face of consuming the beloved grass of potheads.