Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Increase Website Traffic Using Social Media

20 Organic and Paid Tactics to increase Website Traffic using Social Media. These are the basics that any social media specialist should know.

Use social media channels your users use.

Based on your audience, check which social media platforms your audiences use and create your presence on those social media channels. You might have one channel, for example, Facebook that gives you most reach but there would be other channels like Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat (these are just a few well know) which is used by some section of your clients… The more relevant channels you use the more likely it is to get more traffic via those social media channels.

Focus on building community with your customers.

Please do not focus on selling your products on social media always. It’s important you sell the benefits the user would get by using your product. Create meaningful discussions with the users using public or private groups. If they have queries then direct them to the relevant link on your website. Give links where they can get a solution or answer to their query and not just try to get the users on the website. Or you can simply buy tiktok followers cheap through this link here.

Post content at regular intervals and multiple times.

Post at regular intervals on all social media channels. This creates an expectation with the users on waiting for your content and engaging with the posts. The more regularly you post, the more your users tend to engage more with you. There is always a chance people will miss your posts, so post the same post at different times during the day, week, month.

Post content that your customers would like to engage – storytelling

Know what your audiences like and speak about on social media. Create and post content that would be liked and shared by your users. When users share posts, you get your brand to their friends and connections. There is every possibility that we as individuals will visit the link when shared by our connections than being targeted by companies which we don’t know.

User-generated content and reviews

Use user-generated content on social media, this works as social proof and users tend to believe in their connections on social media. Again, another great way to get people sharing their original content and getting your brand across to their connections.

Post content at the optimum time and multiple times.

It’s very critical to understand what are the optimum times to post to your clientele or users. There are generic industry standards for posting times but it would be better to post at times that are good for your clients. Coschedule has a great piece of content dedicated to effective social media posting times.

Maintain conversations with customers

Maintain coversation with your customers via social media. The more you interact the more chances you create for awareness and publicity. The more people see you, the there is always a chance that people will want to see your offerings.

Tag influencer’s in your posts.

Tagging your influencers in your post is the perfect way to get more awareness and eventually traffic to your website from social media. When you tag your social media influencer their followers will be able to see your brand mention in their post. There are chances that they will visit your website.

Ask your influencers to write about you.

Yes, if you identify your influencer write to them asking to promote your product. Surely you will need to find a win-win situation so work that with your team and the influencer. Ask the influencer to use your site links in their posts so the followers can visit your website and check the product or service.

Hashtag your posts

Hashtags are used to pull similar content together and users use hashtags to find content related to them. So use hashtags in your social media posts, but do know the hashtag optimum limit on each social media channel.

Use Images live chats and videos.

Social media is very visual in its essence. Images seem like a thing of the past but very much in use. Be visual with your content on social media. Live videos and chats work well to connect with your users or clients and keep them engaged. Best used for product launches and know your brand sessions. It is believed that by 2020, most content would be video content.

Use your website domain/URL in your posts

Use your website domain or URL in every post. This is enough said but we still forget this most of the time. Track the performance of each link you post on social media.

Use the email signup link in your posts

You can have your social media fans get your posts regularly, list in your signup link often in your posts. It’s a way to make the signup form easily available to your users.

Use social media shareable plugins

By have the social media shareable plugin on your website, you make it easier for users to share the content on their social profiles. Every link shared by your users would definitely see traffic coming over time.

SEO your blogs and site pages

It is ideal to SEO your blogs, website Pages, and even your posts. People or users use keywords to even search on social media profiles.

Use social media cards

Optimize social media sharing cards as the one Yoast plugin allows. This lets you make your posts very attractive and optimal when users share your content on social media.

Integrate your social media and email marketing

It’s best to integrate all digital efforts like social media and email marketing. The final idea is to drive relevant traffic to your website.

Social media Advertising.

Organic reach is decreasing and hence one needs to use paid to amplify the reach but at a cost. You can target great content to relevant users via social paid channels. If you use social ads to drive traffic then you could only pay for visitors to your website via social media paid ads. Social media paid ads to have various other goals as well like, awareness, lead gneration, sales, etc.

Promotional events.

Promotional events not only increase awareness and engagement but also directs traffic to your website over time. Plan to have promotional events regularly and send out teasers so your audiences would register for the next promotion and stay engaged.

Keep an eye on your competition and industry players.

Very often your competition is trying to do the same as you but might be actually doing it better. So it’s good to keep a check on your company’s social media strategy. Always have a better reference than you if you want to improve and try to do a step better.

If you don’t have competition (It can be the case less often), check for similar companies like yours in your county or could be international. Some tactics might not apply to your business from other countries but you will have knowledge ofmore tactics that can be applied or you could alter some to your company benefit.

It’s well known that content is king, and users like and share content that is really really really good. Concentrate on creating content that will help someone do things better or be better, solve their problems. It is key to show the benefit gained from accessing your content than selling your product. If you have any more tactics that need to be given importance please let us know.