Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Free Minecraft Account

Minecraft can be beneficial even in a classroom situation. There are a number of beneficial things a player with either a minecraft free account or a free minecraft premium account stands to gain when engaging themselves with this game. Incorporating Minecraft in classroom is one of the most recent phenomena in the docket of game based learning. As a sandbox game, the game provides the player with an opportunity to build structures, fight off enemies and do some explorations in the vast landscape. The characters in the game are allowed to freely roam around while choosing objectives as they proceed with their adventure. It is this nature of Minecraft as being an open game filled with open possibilities and potentials that teachers can embrace.

Anyone with a liking for sandbox games can get a hold of  free minecraft accounts. Simply log in to and you’re on your way to getting your free minecraft premium account. With such a minecraft free account, an individual can learn more about the game both as a player and a student. Both the teachers and the students playing this game have the ability of improving their creative nature of thinking. The presence of the Minecraft tool created by teachers for teachers makes the application of this game in a classroom situation much easier.

MinecraftEdu is fully equipped with custom mod which a customized and modified part of the game that helps the teachers to use the game more effectively. To also help with this, the founder of MinecraftEdu, Joel Levin, also provides ideas and updates through blogs. Here are some of the useful ideas deemed essential when using Minecraft in the classroom.

Since the game involves building structures, there are a number of real life buildings that can be imported into the game for students to explore. Some of the already created structures that can be exploited include the Roman Colosseum, the global theater and many more. By roaming around during the game, students get to literally see a three dimension replication of the buildings which in most cases are no longer there. You can have students creating their own models and using them as tools for presentations.

Minecraft can be very helpful when learning units about measurement and proportions. The game provides players with an opportunity where they get to build anything they wish. As a teacher, you can use this opportunity to get your students to create scale models when learning about these units. Apart from the scale models, components of social studies can also be incorporated to allow for cross curricular connection. Minecraft is therefore very helpful when applying the knowledge learnt from the technology arena into the classroom.

Help in learning about survival tactics

Minecraft can offer students with an opportunity where they can contextualize the concept of survival. This is achievable especially when playing the survival mode. In this particular mode, you get to build and expand your world while at the same time being forced to face challenges such as hunger, collecting tools and other resources. Since players are encouraged to explore for them to be able to collect resources and process them, it poses as a motivation to learn components of survival and settlement.

Being able to visualize any content that an individual has read is the best way of showing that they have truly comprehended. As a teacher, you can call upon your students to recreate scenes from the game or plot events and instruct them to give presentation and even make predictions on what is likely to happen next.