Monday, 2 Oct 2023

Important Mechanics You Need To Know About Rust

Are you struggling to understand the concepts and mechanics used in Rust video game? We got you covered. In this article, we will teach you some of the mechanics and must-have knowledge about the game. Take note that this article will not talk about rust hacks since that is a bannable offense in Rust. Without further ado, let’s start:

Eating mechanics

Eating is a mechanic in Rust that you must learn quickly. After all, your character will starve and eventually die if you don’t eat. Getting food is essential, and there is a lot of ways to get food. Some of the ways to get food are:

  1. Hunting animals and cooking their meat. (Avoid consuming uncooked meat, since it can have negative effects)
  2. Pick up forage like mushrooms, corns, etc
  3. Harvest cactus
  4. Collect food containers on various sites
  5. Kill humans and cook their meat, take note that doing this will lead to dehydration
  6. Fishing

Cooking mechanics

As stated above, raw meat should be cooked before they are consumed. Cooking is a necessary part of surviving the harsh world of Rust. One thing that you should remember about cooking is never start cooking when night comes. Cooking at night will produce a visible and audible trail that other human players will quickly catch up on, which means that the possibility of getting raided while cooking at night is really high. You are essentially broadcasting your location to everyone. You will also be hard pressed to find the location of would be attackers since it is hard to see during the night. Meanwhile, those enemies know your location because of the fire you started. You will be at a severe disadvantage while cooking at night, while your would be attackers have the upper hand.

On the other hand, cooking at the day will allow you to spot any incoming enemy, and it will also, make the smoke and fire less visible.

Settling mechanics

Once the game starts, you should find a suitable location to build your base. It is possible to create a location everywhere, however, you should try to settle in an area that is quiet. A great technique is to examine the game map as soon as possible after starting the game and quickly run away from the starting area. Go further inland while keeping your distance away from monuments.

You should settle on areas that are rich with natural resources, most importantly wood and food. Also, you should try to settle near a river or a source of water, since thirst will become a problem for you if you don’t have a nearby source of water.

Progressing through the game

Start working to build a furnace as soon as you have the basic needs settled down. A furnace is required for you to progress from the early game since it will open up the path to more advanced items and tools that use metal and sulfur.