Sunday, 19 Sep 2021

Some Important Facts to Know About Lords Mobile Account

Lords mobile is a popular online game which has been installed by more than 100 million users, and its rating on Google play store is 4.3. The most satisfying part of this game is that you need a 4.0.3 android version to run this game on your smartphone. Lords mobile is a game which allows you to build up your own kingdom and protect it against other players with the help of your troops.

You can create your own team of heroes to fight against enemies. If you want, you can join alliances to become more powerful. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about some useful tips on how to create free lords mobile account. So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the details –

  • Create Two Accounts

Create two accounts when you start playing lords mobile game. If you already have an account, then create another one as soon as possible. Well, creating two accounts may sound a bit crazy, but you have to accept this.

Your main account will get all the upgrades and other account only receive important upgrades. It will turn into a resource account for you and therefore, whenever you need more resource, you can go to the resource account easily and can operate your main account from there.

However, handling two accounts is a bit difficult unless you set a reminder. You need to set a time or a reminder when you need to go to your resource account for doing all the stuff. This is the account which will help you from wars and attacks.

  • Improve Medals

You should improve hero medals on two particular heroes, and you should keep one trickster. You need this trickster if you would like to increase the research speed as much as it is possible in your main account. On your resource account, you have to consider whatever resource you are looking for and how you know it. When you go through the hero chapter, you can start grinding on one hero chapter for updating it continuously.

The main thing you require in this game is that you must possess control to reduce training speed, construction speed and research speed. Among all these reductions, you should focus on construction speed and research speed first. The more control you possess, the better result you can experience at this platform. So, if you are not considering these two factors from the very beginning, you may lose your valuable material that will help to upgrade your account later.

Now to talk about gathering, if you are not much sure what you need the most, you should go to the workshop and choose from the options. You will get an idea of what you require to grow faster.

Therefore, these are the steps which you should follow for creating free lords mobile account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I transfer my lords mobile account?

Well, it’s an easy process. You just make sure that your lords account is connected to Google account. Now login to your Google account and open lords account on your device you would like to transfer.

2. Where can I buy the lords account?

You can buy lords mobile accounts from a number of reputable and known sellers.

3. Who is the most powerful hero in the lords mobile?

Rose Knight is said to be the most powerful hero in the lords mobile.