Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Methods To Use Youtube Vanced In Windows 10

The modded version of YouTube with various features is known as YouTube Vanced. Users can get dark themes, Ad-free videos, and even play them in the background. The ad-free experience is one of the incredible features of YouTube Vanced. The video player has various features like many players available. YouTube Vanced is available for mobile phones as well as Windows. People can download vanced YouTube on their Windows system and enjoy its features.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a MOD version of the YouTube app. It enhances the features like playing music in the background, picture in picture mode, blocking ads, and much more. Due to such specifications and features, the Youtube Vanced app has become popular with a large user base in the entire world.

Features of YouTube Vanced

  • The app has an option of a black theme that reduces the strains on the eyes.
  • The app blocks all the ads before or during the video.
  • It allows for picture-in-picture mode and background playback.
  • The app provides swipe controls for volume and brightness.

Methods to use

People van use YouTube vanced in various ways in Windows 10. Here are a few ways by which they can download and install YouTube Vanced.

  1. Using Andriod emulator

As YouTube Vanced is a mobile application and the PC version is not yet available, there is a turnaround. People can download vanced Youtube through the Andriod emulator. It will work on the PC as it is an Android application and works perfectly on computers. Users can get a big screen. So, they can enjoy the ad-free experience without any interruption on the big screen.

People can use any Android emulator for Windows PC to run YouTube Vanced. People must download and install an emulator of their choice. Upon successful installation, they can launch the emulator. They then need to go to the Google Play store and click to open it. Log in with the google account. Then they need to search for YouTube Vanced on it and install the application. This application will install on the emulator they chose.

  1. Use Chrome OS

The people want a reliable and flawless method to download vanced YouTube on their PC. They can do it by using the Chrome Operating System. It comes up with Play Store and Android support. The OS allows people to enjoy the features of YouTube Vanced without any performance issues.

  • People need to open YouTube Vanced applications from their home screen on the emulator.
  • It will allow them to watch ad-free content with different themes.
  • They can enjoy and experience watching their favorite videos on a big screen rather than watching it on their mobile devices.


The above methods of using YouTube Vanced on Windows 10 will give people the same experience as Phones. The only difference is that they can enjoy watching the videos on the big screen. People can take guidance on the methods or go through the internet to use it on Windows 10.