Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Practical Self Approach To Stay Slim And Lose Fat

How to stay slim? How to lose Fat? There are tons of loose Fat programs and weight loss supplements in the market, promise to provide Fat loss in 7 days, 30 days with even a money-back guarantee. I am not here to promote any Fat loss program or special diet though I do have a strict guideline of this.

Why we allow ourselves to gain Fat in the first place? Fat gaining does not happen in one day….it is an accumulative process. You won’t get fat or a belly stomach just in one day. What you need to understand is the Fat gaining process before you can lose your Fat. I am sorry to say that Fat gain is mainly due to your attitude and mindset. Most overFat people (not all, but mostly) share almost the same common attitude – they are either junk food lovers or addicted to soft drinks. No matter how many Fat loose programs you participate in or how less you eat or even how frequently you exercise, all your efforts are in vain if you do not start to have self-control over the real culprit of Fat gain. Do you know what is inside the junk food and soft drinks that you think you cannot live without? The first two main ingredients of junk food are fats and salts. Junk food merely consisted of high salt, high sugar, high fat or high calories, and low nutrient content. A study made by the Center for Science in the Public Interest showed that a large tub of popcorn has 1,200 calories, 980 milligrams of sodium, and 60 grams of saturated fat. On medium size popcorn that comes in a bag, it contains 670 calories, 550 milligrams of sodium, and 24 grams of saturated fat. While carbonated drinks contained a high amount of sugars than your body can actually bear. A 12 ounce can of Coke Classic contains 40.5 grams of sugar. And you will be surprised that a 12 ounce of Sunkist Orange Soda contains 52 grams of sugar.

If you want to stay slim, the first and very important you need to do is change your attitude. Abstain from junk food (potatoes chips, snacks…) and carbonated drinks. The second rule is eating on time. Do not ever skip your breakfast. Eat more steamed food such as steamed vegetables, steam lean meat, and avoid the skin of the chicken, pork. Substitute your desire for junk food with celery or carrot sticks, drink fruit juice instead of carbonated drinks.