Friday, 8 Dec 2023

Tooth Removal And Implant Replacement

Dr. Jose David Sanchez’s goal is to provide patients with dental work that effectively resolves oral issues and is as painless as possible. Dr. Jose David Sanchez is a dentist and also a licensed anesthesiologist. With his dual practices, Dr. Sanchez is licensed to specialize in sedation dentistry. People who fear dentists will appreciate his ability to perform even the most comprehensive dental procedures with minimum discomfort. And that includes replacing extracted teeth with implants. By the way, we are able to perform the entire tooth extraction/dental implant procedure within a routine time of one-and-a-half hours. It isn’t uncommon for that procedure to take a few months.

The beauty of intravenous sedation and anesthesia is that it allows dentists to perform extensive dental work in just one session. That greatly improves not only the patient’s outlook, but also provides more quality for how any further treatment progresses.

Typical tooth extraction at Dr. Sanchez’s office begins with the patient receiving intravenous sedation and anesthesia. Dr. Sanchez checks the patient’s response and, once satisfied that the person is completely under, proceeds with removing the diseased tooth. If this is an implant patient, the next step is to install the new tooth. We proceed with grafting bone around the implant, then place an abutment atop the bone. Find more info here on how the placement of the crown, and the job is done.

NobelActive Dental Implant

We have been very careful to thoroughly examine the various tooth implants now on the market. Our conclusion is that NobelActive dental implants provide the best long-term solution for any implant case. NobelActive has developed innovative solutions for dental implant needs. One of their better solutions involves the design of a unique adjustable blade that allows for more precise implant insertion. The more precise an insertion, the tighter the fit. Our patients are made to understand that a tightly fitted implant results in greater durability and stability. That gives patients excellent functionality—meaning they can eat and talk without dental interruption. The NobelActive implants are in for the long haul. And that means fewer problems for the patients who are also saving money as a result. If there should be a need to make adjustments, the implant’s construction allows for easier access to all parts of the device.

Not everybody can become a dental implant patient. People with weak bones would be taking a risk to proceed with installing an implant. Fortunately, the unique NobelActive implant is constructed to help maximize bone health. The implant inserts seamlessly into bone, whether completely healthy or not. It is specifically built to keep intact both hard and soft bone tissues.

In addition to the benefits actually created by using a NobelActive implant, there is also the realization that it is designed to align perfectly with adjoining teeth. Patients don’t need to worry about a particular tooth being too large or small, or it appears out of place. The company’s wide array of implants lets virtually anyone find a real solution.