Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

Lose Weight By Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Do you want to get lean and fit while having fun? If you are dealing with any kinds of weight issues, then trying a different fitness approach could solve your health problems. One way that can motivate you to exercise and lose weight is by combining fitness and entertainment through sports activities.

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Any sporting events can help you lose some pound especially if you practice regularly. Some of the sports that I have written here are boxing and swimming. Let me give you some details on another type of sport that is making waves worldwide – Ultimate Frisbee.

What is Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is an enjoyable sport that can be played by anyone, even those considered as obese individuals. Ultimate is the official name, while the term “frisbee” is actually a street-based name. This game is so intense but more of a non-contact type. Many experts suggests that this sport is a mixture of other sports such as soccer, basketball, US footbal and netball.

The video below will show you how Ultimate Frisbee is played. This video is from Indy Alley Cats highlights.

From the video, you can see that Frisbee is not that dangerous compared to football or basketball and is quite an exciting and fascinating game. You need to at least give your best effort to catch that flying disc, which is comparable to regular ball games.

The field is similar to football and the common goal is to reach the other teams end point together with the disc. This could be done thru long and short passes except running with the disc, just like you see in the video. To achieve proper catch of the disc, a player must jump higher or longer over his opponent to be able to reach the disc first while airborne.

Throwing the disc is not simple as it may seem. You need to apply different types of strokes to be an effective frisbee player. Basic throws includes backhand, side-arm (two-finger throw), thumber and overhand wrist flip throw. Catch tricks are also enforced such as one/two hand catch, pancake catch, under the leg catch, behind the back/head and many others.

Ultimate Frisbee for Weight Loss

What’s good about frisbee is that, it can be played by anyone in any types of open field. You can play with your family and friends and it is truly an enjoyable activity. Playing frisbee is an alternative way to fitness as you are required to jump and run while you sprint for the disc.

Just like any other sports, frisbee can burn those extra calories and fat. Of course, your weight loss progress depends on how much you weigh and how much intensity you play. The Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive game, the more you exert effort, the more you lose weight.

Weight loss experts suggests that a 400 pound individual can lose up to 750 calories in just 30 minutes of frisbee. So if you are lighter than that number, you could lose enough calories to maintain or improve your current weight status.

If you want to be more competitive in this sport, you need to practice a more strenuous workout regime. You must practice regular stretching of all body parts such as back, legs, neck, arms and many others. You also need to improve your stamina by working on your cardio using treadmills, bikes, jogging or running.

Aside from that, you also need to condition your strength by working your upper, middle and lower body thru weight training. Although not a total contact sport, you still need a solid body to effectively absorb those air collisions when catching the flying disc.

Summary on Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is not just an amazing game but also an alternative way get fit and healthy. You can try frisbee on your backyard using a conventional flying disc that can be bought on your local sports outlets.