Thursday, 16 Sep 2021

The Power For Change The Magician And The Tower

The next card I set up in combination with the tower baffled me at first. It is the Tower and the Magician. I studied the two of them carefully, trying to gather an impression of the significance of these two cards together. I have never actually had an occasion where they came up together, even when our tarot card group practised drawing two cards and melting them together. I wondered what would I write about this pair.

I studied the two figures closely and suddenly realized that the God of the sea in the tower card looked strangely like the magician. I found it very interesting that I had never noticed this before being the designer of the deck.

I designed this deck for my personal use, and I know that every tarot deck and tarot card reader will interpret the cards differently. I realized that my interpretation of these two cards might not be the same with another deck, and they might not be the same in the eyes of another tarot card reader. This was when I decided that this website would be about my deck and my personal experience and not an attempt to understand or follow all of the traditional tarot card meanings or even the rider-waite meanings.

I think reading tarot cards is a very personal system for each reader and will be different for each tarot deck. I can understand now why a tarot reader likes to collect different decks.

Back to this combination. Another similarity I noticed is that the God Poseidon is pictured bringing havoc down the tower with lightning. The Magician is also wielding lighting from the sky. At first glance, I could not imagine what the tower and the magician had to do with each other, but in a flash, I found them astonishingly and intimately connected.

In preparing the picture for this post, I removed the divider between the two cards and blended them. I found that it brought my impressions into focus. Almost so much that I feel I don’t have to say much about the meaning of these two cards together. It just seems so clear to me. But I will go ahead and write it down anyway.

I decided to abandon my concern about what anyone else might think about these two cards’ meaning or any of my card combinations. I will go with my impressions, exclusive to this deck and my system. I am by no means a tarot reading expert or even a tarot card collector; I am just an artist who designed a deck with intuition as my guide. I can understand that there would be many different opinions on these things, but I will write about mine.

The thing that makes the magician so powerful is his ability to take action. He has the power to tap his creative forces where he uses thought forms and takes action. He becomes “cause” itself by sheer will and decision.

The Tower is not only the power of change, and it represents change itself. The marriage of these two cards has great significance in the area of taking action for change.

In melting these together, the Magician brings down the status quo because he takes action. So many people do not take action when they want to change. Only 10% of people will take action towards the changes they desire. They think, talk or dream about it. This is why people are not always successful in getting what they want. The power of the Magician lies in the ability to take action.

This action is not just any kind of action, nor is it fool-hearty action like the fool would take. It is the action of the person who has discovered the formula for success and believes in himself. He wields confidence because he knows to go along with it and has the strength to take action.

The magician has the power to direct his will towards his objective and take action to achieve his goals. These two cards together tell a story of how this kind of power can overcome or topple the status quo.

Suppose the tower is drawn first in the reading, the meaning changes, similar to how the tower and the fool’s meaning changed. Here you will see a story of the breaking down of the status quo and the Magician’s power, who then works his magic to rebuild things with focus and purpose in the face of change.

Melting the cards together will tell a story of a person who is directly and intentionally responsible for disrupting the status quo. This time, it was no careless act of reckless behaviour, but a purposeful act was done with clarity that is the cause of the events of the tower. It shows intention, forethought and skill in the execution of bringing down the status quo to initiate change.

This meaning can be applied to many different circumstances. Examples would be the overthrow of a government or the destruction of 9-11, The World Trade Center. It could be more personal, like one person’s battle against injustice or an untruth. Whatever it is, the point is that tradition and structure have been, or will be, successfully toppled for change. This is done with the energy and purpose of the magician who has used his power to take action. That is his magic.

We are all magicians if we purpose to take action towards our goals. We are all magicians if we have the power to back up what we say we want by taking action. When people take action, that is how they initiate change.

The tower represents change. Change itself can be very disruptive, but without it, everything stays the same. The tower is all about necessary change with these.

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