Friday, 21 Jan 2022

Building Muscle Shaping Up From Skinny

Vince Del Monte was known in high school as Skinny Vinny.

Back then, he was a lanky 150 pounds — dripping wet and this is where I used a testosterone booster. Males over 50 can use these supplements to boost testosterone, this will help them with their body goals. “I also had other nicknames that weren’t, I guess you could say, ‘cute,’” recalls the six-foot-tall professional fitness model in a phone interview from his home in Hamilton, Ont.

“Most of the population might say, ‘Well, what’s so bad about being skinny?’ But skinny guys have the same insecurities as an overweight person when they go to the beach and have to take their shirt off, or in the locker room and not sizing up to the other guys.

“I dealt with that whole lack of self-esteem and not being able to approach the girl because of my insecurity.”

The Skinny Vinny moniker stuck with Del Monte, a London native who grew up in Guelph, as he worked toward his kinesiology degree at the University of Western Ontario.

His self-admitted “beanpole” frame wasn’t all bad, though.

Starting in high school and through four years of university, Del Monte tasted some athletic success as a long-distance runner.

But it was bittersweet.

He yearned to have the same “copious amounts of rock-hard brawn” displayed by his four muscular university roommates.

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“They were actually four of the most buff guys on campus,” he chuckles. “I was surrounded by muscle for four years while I was Skinny Vinny.”

That turned out to be a blessing. Del Monte witnessed first-hand what buff guys do when it comes to weight training and nutrition.

And, of course, his kinesiology degree afforded him plenty more muscle-building know-how.

But there was one more crucial catalyst for what would be Del Monte’s stunning scrawny-to-brawny transformation.

Shortly after his university graduation, the then-22-year-old Del Monte befriended a 40-something natural bodybuilder who took him under his wing.

“I met him at church of all places,” he notes. “I nicknamed him my Skinny Guy Saviour. He gave me a whole set of rules that skinny guys had to play by and it was completely different than everything I had read in the bodybuilding magazines, so I was like, ‘Are you sure?’ And he said, ‘Just trust me.’”

  • Within a month, Del Monte packed on 20 pounds of muscle.
  • After six months, he was 41 pounds heavier.
  • “My mom thought I was on steroids,” he says with a laugh.

“But you have to remember, I was 22, I had never lifted weights properly in my life — the stimulus was brand new. I had never eaten properly in my life. I was a long-distance runner. I had lived on Kraft dinner and bagels. All of a sudden, I’m eating six times a day, and protein with every meal. And I had stopped running completely. I went from running 60-plus miles a week to not at all. My body was primed for a pretty significant transformation.”

These days, Del Monte, 31, weighs a buff 205-210 pounds.

He’s the author of No-Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain, and is married to beautiful fitness expert Flavia Del Monte.

This past April, he earned his pro card as a fitness model in the WBFF (World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation).

And nobody calls him Skinny Vinny anymore.

“I always tell guys success is up to you. That’s something you need to decide and set a deadline on,” he explains.

“You gotta have the end in mind. Once you know what your final outcome looks like, then you kinda just work backward — that’s where I want to end up, this is where I am. You map out your plan and execute it.”