Thursday, 20 Jan 2022

Body Building Weight Training Feature

Do you feel like it’s about time you moved some serious weight? Then you’ve got no choice but to work those muscles with dumbbells and get under the barbell as well. That’s the only way you can build muscle. Weight training plus the right diet and bodybuilding supplements are what will guarantee incredible bodybuilding benefits. If you’ve been at it for a while but the results are a little disappointing, then there’s something missing in your weight training routine.

Granted, we all have different goals for bodybuilding – some people just want a little extra mass; some want to get a toned, ripped body; and others simply want to gain strength. Whatever your goal, the basics are the same. It’s about tweaking a few things in your weight training routine to achieve the results you want.

Most people who do bodybuilding do so for strength and size. Weight lifting for size and strength have a lot in common, but you can optimize your workouts to get the most benefits for what you are working out for. So, use these tips to get the shape, muscles, and density you desire.

Do Supersets For Size

Supersets are great for building size. They boost testosterone levels which is crucial to muscle growth. Simply perform two workouts back-to-back without resting between the workouts. For best results, supersets should be done with biceps and triceps, or other antagonist muscles such as hamstrings and quads. These high-intensity workouts (increased sets without rest) force muscles to adapt and usually this adaptation means growth and increase in size.

Boost Blood Circulation With High-Rep Isolation Movements

Isolation movements are what will bring out that refined, defined body, but will not necessarily build strength. These include curls, biceps, leg extensions, triceps extensions, and lateral raises, among others. These workouts increase the flow of nutrient-carrying blood to the muscles, helping to give the muscles a more refined look. High repetitions lead to fast depletion of glycogen in the muscles as you work out, and in turn, the body will reserve more glycogen in the muscles to compensate. Consequently, this build-up leads to increased muscle size and enables you to keep up with the high workout rate.

Use Bodybuilding Supplements

Ideally, you should use a bodybuilding supplement prior to working out. The best supplements are ones that offer a ‘little bit of everything’. That means that a good pre-workout supplement should contain stimulants that help you work harder during your sessions plus a cocktail of food supplements that will directly benefit your muscles. Creatine is one of those ingredients that shouldn’t miss in a quality pre-workout product because it provides the phosphate that fuels your muscles during the gym sessions, in addition to helping build muscle mass. Look out for these other ingredients that shouldn’t miss in a good pre-workout supplement: taurine, tyrosine, beta-alanine, and BCAAs

Make Resting Periods Shorter

Any activity that pushes your muscles to work harder will boost muscularity. When you push your body to work harder by doing more workouts and reducing the resting periods, it will adapt by increasing muscle mass. Muscle grows because more blood will be pushed through the strained muscles, boosting their growth. Reducing rest periods during workouts will also boost your vascularity and rev up your metabolic rate. In turn, you’ll burn fat even when the body is at rest. The result of this is a toned, ripped physique.

Reduce the Cardio

Weight training and endurance training are completely opposite things. It’s very difficult to master both and, in fact, it may be counter-productive to try and to force your body to adapt to both. If you’re not sure what you want, just do a comparison of the training that marathon runners do to that of short-distance sprinters. Their physiques can say a lot too about the type of training they do.

If you just want to maintain your muscularity, then intense cardio is what you need. However, you must be careful with the intervals when you integrate cardio into your weight training routine. Cardio implemented into weight training will help with your metabolic conditioning while maintaining your muscularity. But steady-state cardio will never help you gain size and strength.

The good thing with these bodybuilding tips is that you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to implement them. Buy home gym equipment, a couple of free weights, and dumbbells and you’ll be good to go with your weight training.

Muscle Supplements

You will notice that a quick internet search reveals a simply mind-blowing range of bodybuilding drinks, potions, and pills. It’s our aim to guide you through this maze of protein shakes, strange powders, and exotic potions, and lead you to those that are proven to consistently offer some of the most impressive results. Of course, it’s perfectly possible for you to build up your physique using traditional methods of weight training and good, natural nutrition but for really sustained and fast gains your body will need a bit of help.

Not everyone is created equal and the body type you are born with will largely dictate how easy it is for you to add pure muscle mass in the form of impressively bulging biceps, quads and delts. There are three main body types but many people tend to hover somewhere between them: ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs.


Ectomorphs have typically skinny frames with long, slender limbs and very little naturally occurring muscle. A fast metabolism means it’s tough for them to build bulk, so supplements are highly recommended, along with plenty of high-protein foods like tuna, chicken and lean red meat. The perfect addition to this diet plan would be creatine. Countless tests have shown it to be highly effective in helping to build mass, whilst also increasing strength and stamina. You will usually find that you can train a lot harder and longer, really banging out the reps. 

A wide range of athletes takes creatine to improve speed and explosive power. Our partners offer a wide range of creatine products in highly absorbable forms that target all your muscle groups and get to work fast. The most popular come in powder form in a variety of flavors, such as tropical fruit, vanilla, and strawberry. Simply whizz it up in a blender with water or milk. Another supplement worth considering is BCAA (branch chain amino acids) which come in simple tablet form. These will repair the microscopic tears in muscle fibres, naturally caused by lifting weights, and should also help you to retain hard-earned muscle mass.


Broad-shouldered mesomorphs are envied and admired by many, in that they find it relatively easy to pile on muscle mass. However, they also have a tendency to gain weight in the form of fat and need to watch their diets carefully. A low-carb whey powder would be a sensible choice of dietary supplement, particularly post-workout. There is also a wide range of fat-burning products, which often contain metabolism and energy-boosting ingredients such as caffeine, yohimbine, and Carbolin 19. It is advisable not to take these last thing at night, as they may well give you the jitters and make sleep difficult. There are other popular weight-loss supplements that negate this problem, like Venom Hyperdrive 3, which includes L-tyrosine and 5-hydroxytryptophan. These products work extremely well but without causing the body as much stress.


Endomorphs, who tend to have softer bodies with a naturally higher percentage of fat, will also benefit from the above fat-busting products. They also need to do plenty of high-intensity cardio work, which might include interval training, swimming, running or cycling. Many gyms offer group classes that are branded as ‘boot camp’ or ‘body pump which feature a mix of calisthenics, cardio, and light weight-training exercises. For those really struggling to shed those pounds, a product such as N-incinerate or LA Muscle’s fat-stripper, may give you the edge and the psychological boost needed to carry on the fight. The latter include choline, inositol and I-carnitine, which are all known to work well when combined with a sensible diet and training program.

Another approach to weight loss is to suppress the appetite and reduce cravings for high-fat, sugar-packed junk foods. Sci-MX Pyro-Mx is a supplement that does this effectively and also contains ingredients that oxidize fat and increase metabolism. There are many reports of spectacular and, more importantly, sustained weight loss when using this powerful product.

For those who might be seriously considering bodybuilding competitions, there are many options for hardcore bulk-building and muscle refinement. It is important to spend time reading the instructions and figuring out the optimum time to load up on these powerful supplements. These include good old whey protein and casein protein powder, BCAA, glutamine, nitric oxide boosters, and ZMA. You can take these as individual supplements or choose a product that contains a cocktail of all of them.

A word of caution

We always advise that you consult your GP before embarking on a training program or book a health check at your local medical center. If you are currently on medication it is also best to check with your prescriber that it is safe to combine it with your supplements. Testosterone supplements can help you build muscle however, you need to choose a safe and approved supplement. 


We understand that you probably can’t wait to get going on your new fitness regime, so you’ll be pleased to know that our partner companies offer fast delivery. You also have the reassurance that you are fully covered under Distance Selling Regulations, which means you can return any product that doesn’t meet your expectations or is damaged in some way within the statutory period (please refer to the seller’s terms & conditions).