Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023

Kratom- Human Use Analysis

There are popular sayings like ‘this is a small world’ or ‘world has become too small a place’ and others but the fact is that the more you search high and low for something new to learn, the more treasures pile up through which you can gain knowledge and learn valuable lessons.

Today’s topic is about Kratom as mentioned in the heading of the article but most people would not have heard of the term so for starters it is basically a tropical evergreen tree that grows coffee and belongs to that family.

It is difficult to begin with a topic as complex and diverse as Kratom but those unfamiliar with the term and its importance can definitely learn the basics if not gain expertise about it in this article so that they will have learnt something valuable in the offing.

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Just like every other plant and animal in existence, it also has its scientific name called Mitragyna Speciosa that is mostly found in many parts of Asia but mostly prominent in the Southeastern part of the continent.

You can find coffee plants galore of different variety in Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papa New Guinea among others but when it comes to the entire Indian subcontinent it is these places that have the most variety.

There was a recent news article in Denver post about Kratom being legalized in Thailand and can be used throughout the country, there was an immediate rush amongst people to buy it.

Kratom, just like CBD oil, is classified as a drug with medicinal properties that many people have a misconception regarding its authenticity and therefore hesitate to try it out.

The parents are apprehensive that their kids would become drug addicts and there has been some opposition from them when the news broke out last week but there is little to worry about in such cases.

Kratom has received mixed reactions in the US where people that are in favor of legalization opine that it is highly opioid in nature that provides immense relief to patients while its detractors view it as a lethal drug that can prove bad for people that are grapping substance abuse.


Different people see Kratom with their own viewpoint and accordingly form an opinion about it because there are many rural villages throughout the US where farmers continue to grow kratom trees for eating its leaves as they feel that it is highly potential for them.

The legalization of the plant has made things easy for them as they have started buying and collecting them for generating extra income to provide for their family aside from the fact that Kratom has proved to be a game changer for regular consumers.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide an option for ecommerce outlets like Sea Ltd Shopee to offer stacked leaves numbering in thousands for people that need it.

Thailand listed Kratom on the narcotics list for many years and have now removed it as soon as it was made legal that has opened the door for US and European countries to consider this matter as well.