Monday, 2 Oct 2023

‘Kicking In’ Phase Of Nebido Prix And Other Vital Details

Having low testosterone levels can be tragic for men. They experience horrible symptoms and feel too low. Having a chemical imbalance of hormones in the body has one too many noticeable symptoms and no one should be going through them. But what if you could balance these chemicals with external supplements?

It could either be through oral intake or injections. Injections are the most preferred course of action and even within injections, there are different kinds. There are ones that take place immediately and have shorter intervals, while there are also injections like Nebido Prix that work over a longer period.

Low T-Symptoms To Look Out For

Many men have low testosterone levels but do not realise it because of the lack of knowledge about the symptoms. Some of these symptoms seem like normal occurrences as well. One symptom that seems to be problematic for every man is low sex drive and difficulty in maintaining their erection for long. This is the only giveaway for them to realise.

But apart from these, obesity and losing muscle mass are also common. Being frequently tired and experiencing sudden heat waves is something to worry about as well. Heat waves or heat flashes are when the body feels warm all of a sudden. Increased sweating and reddening of skin are signs of heat flashes as well.

Affected memory, hair loss and mood swings are also symptoms that are brushed past too much. If you experience any of these symptoms, then it is best to visit a doctor at the earliest and get their suggestion on testosterone supplements.

Launching Phase

Every patient is recommended to go through the launching phase. Though this is an important phase for effective treatment due to the longer period of effect of Nebido injections, most doctors don’t push for it. This is the time that ensures that the testosterone levels remain stable and at the right level throughout the treatment and supplement intake.

Here, the supplement intake is in the form of injections. There is only a short interval between the first two injections, an approximate 6 weeks between them. During this time, the testosterones are to arrive at a stable level and the effects are seen before prescribing for the right interval between each injection. The injection interval will differ for different individualities as well and one has to be aware throughout the treatment period.

Kicking In

Though we use the phrase ‘kicking in’, one does not feel when Nebido Prix kicks into action. It is a slow and gradual process. The peaking of testosterone levels in the body is believed to be in the first week after the first injection. This level has to be maintained throughout the treatment to have an effective result from it.

You can slowly feel the change in your body as the symptoms you experienced slowly start to fade away with time. So, even though there is not a sudden kick of testosterone in the body, the gradual increase in the level is seen through fading symptoms. Look out for the pre and post-injection differences in the body to notice any change that is happening. Since Nebido is a slow process, the period of effect is different and difficult to comprehend from normal testosterone injections.

Though there is a larger gap between each injection, it is to ensure that the effect is long-lasting and can withhold through, even without the injections regularly. You have to ensure to take the next injection before the effect wears off.

Subsequent Injections

Wearing off the previous injection is something that you shouldn’t feel throughout the therapy. The testosterone has to remain at the constant and right level throughout and this can be difficult if you don’t look for changes that occur within your body throughout the period of treatment.

Usually, after the second injection at 6 weeks, the subsequent injections are taken at an interval of 12 weeks or 3 months. This is the recommended interval for normal testosterone level maintenance. It is particularly important to not skip any of the injections or delay the prick for any reason. if you do, then you start to feel the dip.

The dip is the phase when testosterone levels decrease in your body and you start to face low T-symptoms again. So, you should have remainders to take the injection as prescribed by the doctor. But suppose you face low T-symptoms even before your next injection is due, then you have to discuss the same with your doctor.

The interval will change for you and will be shortened to ensure that you don’t face such dips again. After all, having a chemical imbalance in the body because of hormones is never a good thing and can lead to depression, anxiety and other such cases. On average, an interval of 7-10 weeks is also considered good for men with severe low T-symptoms.