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Free Games to Play with Young Children

Recently we found ourselves waiting in a coffee shop waiting for a store to open. We’d arrived with the 9 and 5 year olds in tow to discover that the store didn’t open for another hour. After thirty minutes of walking around to get fresh air, we found that while the air may have been fresh, in was in fact too cold to hang out for another thirty minutes. So now we’re sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a cup of coffee while the children sit, now waiting for their hot chocolate to cool. With no books or games on hand, what’s a family to do?

While this day may have been unique, it is actually a familiar situation for parents. Sometimes we go prepared but quickly exhaust our bag of tricks when the wait at the doctor’s office, the dentist’s office, the oil change station, the airport or even a restaurant takes longer than we planned or think that we can stand.

Here is one of our favorite creative free games to pass the time in a fun and constructive way with young children.

Find it in a Magazine:

Almost anywhere we find ourselves waiting, we’ll find plenty of magazines as if they were expecting us to wait. Even inside of restaurants there are plenty of freebies that easily be borrowed and returned.

When my children were little we’d often curl up and just look through magazines at pictures and talk about what we saw. When we’re stuck waiting we’ve turned our magazine perusing into challenging games that can be used to entertain one or create a friendly competition between two or more. The categories are endless. Here are a few of our favorite categories for “Find it in a Magazine” free games.


It can be general as in any animal or more specific such as dog or chicken or even specified to breed like Dalmatian. You can bump it up a notch and search for categories like mammal, reptile or fowl for budding scientist.


Again the search can be general as in fruits or specific as in apple or orange. You can also search for something from each food group including grains, meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy or sugars and fats.


This one is pretty obvious but you can specify capital or lowercase, first letter in a word or two in a row such as 2 of the letters T in “bottom.” Of course you can also work on letter sounds and phonics with challenges like “find something that starts with the letter D.”

Colors and shapes:

Preschoolers will enjoy the challenge of finding colors and shapes and you can add in size too as in “something small and green” or “something big and blue.” It’s also fun to look for patterns like stripes or polka dots.

For more free games and educational ways to pass the time with kids you may enjoy “Learning in the Car.” Busy kids are happy kids and happy kids are fun to be around. Waiting or riding doesn’t have to be boring if Mom and Dad have a few ideas for creative free games in mind.

A quick study of the benefits of sensory integration therapy will help in putting up a sensory gym which the children will enjoy immensely.

Are you a beginner in investing? Here are 5 tips that help you in Bitcoin investing

As investing in Bitcoin or in any crypto-currency is not an easy task. You need to be skillful and have complete knowledge before investing in Bitcoin. It is like a digital currency that can be accessed using a computer or online services. You can purchase Bitcoin without the help of any bank, but there are factors you need to consider. You should only buy the Bitcoin when its price is falling down. You can earn more profit by purchasing Bitcoin in downfall and selling it when the price gets hikes. You can get to know more about Bitcoin and investment hier in the article.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, then you should also have to take care of its security features. Use a hardware wallet or paper wallet by which you can easily store Bitcoin safe and secure.

Top-notch 5 tips that can help you in investing perfectly

It is essential to know about the Bitcoin and the tips before investing in it. As the prices of the Bitcoin rise up and fall down overnight. You cannot underestimate it, so you should purchase and sell it at the right moment. Here are some crucial tips for your help-

  • You should know how to keep it

Some people do not know how to store Bitcoin after buying that leads them to a significant loss. You should know about the offline ways in which you can store your Bitcoin. Wallets can be used in case of storing Bitcoin like hardware and paper wallets. It will be just like a flash drive to you as you just have to connect it with your system and transfer your Bitcoin.

  • Stay active in the market

You should stay active in the market by which you can come to know about the prices. The prices of crypto-currency are uncertain, so you should always keep a check on it. You can only earn profits only by selling your Bitcoin at the time of price hiked, that is why it is essential to stay active on the market.

  • Do Bitcoin mining

The trend of buying and selling of a Bitcoin is increasing rapidly. If you want to earn more Bitcoin, then you can do some Bitcoin mining. It can be done by a standard computer at your home. You have to solve the puzzles, and thus you can earn new Bitcoin for your profit. It requires high investment in setting up the mining, so you should go for the one circulating in the market.

  • Set up your target

At the time of trading Bitcoin, you should set up the profit target. It will save you from having a greater loss in the market. You can easily set up the goal so that you can earn the desired profit and get rid of greediness.

  • Accept the risk

The more quickly you will accept it, the more you will get prepared. As investment in Bitcoin is one of the risk factors because the price hike is not assured every time. You have to be active in the market so that you can earn lots of money from it.

Thus, these are some tips that can help you in investing in Bitcoin. At the end of the struggle, you can get rich by earning lots of money.

How to Use Basecamp to Build an eBay Store

First, let me start out by making it clear that this article is for web developers. While you could use Basecamp to help organize your own personal website building, you won’t find that information here. This article is to show web developers how they can use Basecamp to stream line the process of building an eBay store for a client with intermediate html skills. Some people say that medical website is easy to design, it may be true if you are using the right tool for you.

Using Basecamp to Design a eBay Store – Overview

This section is exactly what it sounds like, an overview of everything going on inside of Basecamp. This is the landing page when you or your clients log into Basecamp. This overview allows clients to see, at a glance, what the plans are for the eBay store. They can easily see time lines, to-do list, and what’s currently being worked on.

Using Basecamp to Design a eBay Store – Messages

By clicking on the messages tab, you’ll see a list of categories, this the really useful feature of Basecamp. Consider this area your own private message board where you can exchange ideas about the eBay store. You can upload photos, share files, and exchange ideas all in one place. No longer will you have to fetch old emails with important attachments, they can all be stored here.

You can even create categories to file the messages into. I recommend the following;

· Design Ideas

· Content for Store

· Samples

· Copywriting

· Code

Code: The code feature is great for teaching clients about basic html. Many eBay store users know very little about html. This is a good place to teach them.

I recently designed a eBay template for a client who had no understanding of html. Because the use of custom templates on eBay comes from typing in your own html, I had to teach her how change out pictures and text.

I created a word file with the html and highlighted important parts of the code such as picture url’s and text boxes. This got the point across, but wasn’t the easiest way to get things done, the code section changes all that.

Now, you can add code and write a description of its use and how to implement it. Should your client have a question about it, they can leave you a note or chat inside of Basecamp via Campfire.

Better still, if you work with multiple people, such as graphic designers, you can have them comment on messages. This is also a great tool if the company you are building an eBay store for has multiple people in charge of it. They can all share their comments about a particular message, in one spot.

Using Basecamp to Design a eBay Store – To Do Lists

The to-do lists in Basecamp are a little different than those of the to-do lists in Backpack. In Basecamp you can create to-do list for your clients to see, as well as private lists. This way you can create a list for you client to keep with so they can see what you are planning on working on and what you have completed.

You can also create a more detailed list of things you need to do, but keep it private. That way you can keep all your list in one place.

You can also set dates for these items in your calendar, creating a time line of when you plan on getting the eBay store built.

Using Basecamp to Design a eBay Store – Milestones

Using the Milestones feature is the easiest way to keep you client in the know. Here they can see what you’re planning to work on, when you planning on working on it, and if your running late on anything.

You may recall I mentioned setting up your to-do list with your calendar; these relevant to-do-lists will also show up in this section. Create a time line for your plans on the eBay store. Tell your client when you will be working on graphics, writing code, uploading files, and setting up the store.

There is a wealth of other features in Basecamp that any web designer would find useful. These were just a few that I found very relevant in using to design an eBay store. As with any software there is a learning curve. Once you master Basecamp, you will wonder how you ever conducted business without it.

6 Handy Tips to Stay on Your Diet During the Weekend

Are you the type of person strictly on a diet throughout the week but once weekend arrives you forget about all your good intentions and go crazy on fast food, alcohol and eating out?

Now, be honest, is it really worth all the trouble and pain to work 5 days a week on losing weight only to put it all back on during the weekend and having to start all over again on Monday? If you are like that, you will be better off going with CoolSculpting with complimentary consulation by

Be Active

Even after a week of working hard, try to resist the urge to collapse on the couch. If your excuse to lie around is the need for relaxation, why not having a nice walk around the countryside or a short trip to the beach to refresh your brain and breathe in some clean air? If it is physical relaxation you’re after, have a nice warm relaxing bath followed by a short cold shower to freshen up and feel energized again and you will soon feel there might be better options than just hanging around the house on your day off.

Pamper yourself

The feel good rush we get out of eating is only short term so why not find other ways to pamper yourself. Maybe that nice outfit you have been looking at for a while will get you in the right mood to spend the night dancing. Fresh flowers in the living room might give you the impulse you need to clean the area and create a nice atmosphere or you could organize a special spa session at home with some of your friends. Chances are you will soon start preferring these longer-term feel-good rushes over the short-term pleasure fast food gives you.

Keep your daily routine

Even though it is weekend, try to stay as close to your daily routine as possible. Keeping a certain rhythm in your schedule will make it less likely you fall back into negative patterns and keeping yourself occupied will keep your mind off of those foods you really should stay clear of.

Plan your social life

For most people, the weekend is the perfect and only time they socialize with friends and family. Going to restaurants or that dinner party your best friend has been planning for weeks really doesn’t have to be such a big of a deal if you are sensible about it. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast in the morning and don’t starve yourself throughout the rest of the day, so you don’t go out completely hungry.

Learn how to make better choices when it comes to serving size

Offer to share some of your favorite plates with your friends so that you can have a little of all those foods you love so much, just have smaller portions. Having appetizers instead of a main dish can cut down on calories or order some healthier leaner options instead of that calorie loaded fried food platter.

Be wise when it comes to alcohol

If you are really hung up on having that extra drink when partying, why not order a glass of water with every glass of alcohol you drink? This will slow down the amount of calories you are taking in and if you have light sodas with your mixers or choose red wine over beer, you might be in for a pleasant surprise once Monday weigh in comes around again!

Top Risks To Watch Out For In Using Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms are created to logistically create a safe and secure repository for your business files. In a digital arena, companies have the need to protect and secure highly confidential business files. You have to make sure that users only have specified access or permissions granted in viewing certain files. You wouldn’t want any unwanted leakage of data that can pose risks for your business.

The use of VDRs has become an integral part of collaborative and transactional meetings for mergers and acquisitions as well as other financial activities. Being in the comforts of a secure virtual data room ensures that you get better oversight and control of transactions and meetings happening internally and externally while protecting intellectual property.

Virtual Data Rooms For Business Security and Accessibility 24/7

Virtual data rooms are supposed to provide extensive and intuitive control and security features that would boost efficiency, decrease risks, and protect confidential information. This also prevents accidental leaks or disclosures of information because permissions can be retracted or limited at any point in time so you get complete protection after the deal.

The growth of VDRs is an outcome of many businesses relying on the security and powerhouse capabilities of cloud storage which only got better this time around. This is important for businesses who want to easily share files to different levels of the organization or employees.

It allows company files to be readily accessible and can be shared whenever necessary. This is time-efficient and allows you to manage your hours and also to delegate tasks in a quick manner. This has also cut the travel time and expenses especially for reviewing deals. Multiple parties are able to bid and create resolutions at a faster rate and with much better input with a VDR.

The VDR industry is said to be growing by around 6% annually which speaks volumes of the increasing demand for virtual data rooms. Revenue has also increased with the introduction of virtual data rooms in many industries.

Risks of Using Virtual Data Rooms


Virtual data rooms are really pricey. Well, largely because it’s a tangible and priceless investment for your business to thrive and expand in a highly digital space. The downside or risk of having a VDR is that you would have to archive files because you literally are creating thousands of filing repositories or cabinets which causes bloating and eventually slows down the system. This is then more fit for small businesses rather than large or giant corporations that would need to store thousands to millions of data as customers pile up on a daily grind.

Too Speedy To Understand

Some people would have that habit of skimming documents without really reading it thoroughly and then signing it. Speed might be one of the benefits or advantages of using VDRs but this has proven to also work against many CEOs or businesses. There are times that buyers or investors would complain about the terms they have agreed to so it would still be advisable to print legal documents and forms to read them before you sign anything.

Lack of Security

There are different security needs or requirements for every type of data and industry. Very few virtual data rooms are able to comply with IT security standards for handling legal and financial data. In additions, these VDRs also do not have data rentention and uptime requirments needed for certain records.

Data Breaches in Due Diligence

Cyber attacks are very common. Most businesses fall prey to cybercriminals who could get unauthorized access to your sensitive files with a VDR. The VDR then becomes the point of entry and becomes a risk in cybersecurity.

Due Diligence Risks

With a due diligence process, your data is exposed to different people or users. This company information is at risk of hacking. This could involve eyeing into your business strategy or your business’ intellectual property. These are very valuable information especially for competitors. When exposed to the wrong people, this can be at risk for social engineering and phishing attacks.

Risk assessment is important before and even after the completion of a deal or merger. Seccurity reviews should always be conducted during the period of due diligence or transition so that problems would be resolved as soon as possible. Monitoring of vulnerabilities should also be increased to alert you of any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

How To Reduce Risks in VDR

As information is accessed and shared electronically, safe computing practices must be put in place to safeguard sensitive data. Files must have a backup. Even the copy machines should be secured because it could retain some images of the files copied. Emails should also be encrypted especially when sending sensitive files online.

You should refine any access granted and also restrict users in accessing certain information. This control also limits users from editing, sharing, printing, and downloading files. The audit trails also provide you with detailed user activity.

With antivirus software, VDRs would be protected from any malware infestation in the system. Data loss prevention software also helps detect any suspicious or unauthorized activity in the network.

Virtual data rooms are suitable for small- to medium-scale businesses to provide fast and secure file storage and sharing solutions plus also minimize overhead costs. While there are obvious risks to using VDR, the advantages of using a virtual data room would definitely outweigh the risks. It would all depend on looking at the right VDR provider that would match your business needs.

Resale Investment Condos VS Pre-Construction Condos

Pre-construction condos can be considered for a short-term investment, but you should really invest in buildings that are not more than 10 years older. This way you can maximum appreciation rate. Moreover, purchasing a pre-construction condo can be paid back with future rental prices.

There are four reasons why people prefer resale investment condos over pre-construction condos:

  1.       Tangible Asset
  2.       Value From Day 1
  3.       Closing Cost
  4.       Timeframe

  • Tangible

When you buy a condo for resale purpose you can see the condition of that building with your own eyes. You can observe the location, locality, neighborhood, and views. Everything is in front of your eyes. You can easily evaluate if your investment is worth the time and money.

While pre-construction condos are just blueprints of the actual building. You can’t judge the final product by a look at the site map only. You might get things differently. You might not get what you were promised. Although, you might get them for a cheaper price. So this is why resale condos are more preferred.

  • Value for money

As you get yourself a resale condo you can start earning from it. As soon as you are done with all the legal process of land transfer and payment of taxes. You can look for a tenant from that moment and with the tenant you get a regular source of income which will help you with your down payment and loan money. You even get tax benefits for that.

With pre-construction condos, you just invest in the property which you might get for a long period of time. You won’t be getting returns from your investment right away. You must have to wait until the construction is finished and you get complete possession of your property.

  • Closing cost

Closing cost is another factor here. With pre-sale condos, you just have to deal with land-transfer cost, state taxes (if any) and the legal fee of hiring a lawyer. And after all this, you are ready with your own condo.

Whereas, with a pre-construction condo you have to think about a lot more stuff besides legal costs and land transfer deeds. You might be dealing with development charges, state registration charges, and several other stuff. You can’t include these costs into your debt as you might have to pay all these in cash.

  • Timeframe

For a typical pre-construction condo, you get a tentative timeframe of 4-5 years. As this is a huge amount of time and several incidents might happen in your life, you might be in need of capital and you must sell some of your assets to overcome this situation. And most of the construction firm doesn’t necessarily allows you to sell the unit before possession.

This is why resale condos are better. You can not only sell them but you can get a loan against them so without selling assets you can tackle the situation that you are in. with resale condos you can even tap into the equity through multiple options prior to the five-year mortgage is up for renewal.

So as a buyer you should consider the above factors before investing your money and time. You can invest in pre-construction condos only if you have plenty of other assets. For learn more about investing opportunities you can visit Ola EC

Is It Worth Investing In Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance, as the term defines itself is insuring life. Now, the question is whose life is getting insured? Well, Life insurance is a contract between an insurance company and policy holder, which can be either you or your family member. An insurance policy is taken to give financial support to insurers’ beneficiaries, which can be spouse, partner, parents and kin.

So, how does the insurance works? It is an easy concept where you pay monthly or annual premium to insurance company and after your death, depending on your policy, company pays the sum assured to beneficiaries.

You must be aware that life insurance is broadly divided into two categories;

Term Insurance and whole life insurance quotes online instant

Term Insurance will cover you for a limited period of time. You are given a choice to the time period of 10 / 20 years, when you buy the policy, whereas, Whole Life Insurance remains in-force for insurers’ lifetime.

So, when we talk about Whole Life Insurance, there are many pros and cons.

Few important reasons to have purchase whole life policy are, it provide care of dependent or disabled child, helps in tax issues and liquidity of business. You also gets a build-up cash value at retirement. However, it also contains few confusing investment components. The money paid for whole life insurance gets accumulated as a tax saving investment and a policy holder can any or borrow money against it, which generally a consumer is not aware of.

Beware that whole Life Insurance come with premiums on higher side and you will be expected to pay these on monthly or yearly basis, depending on your selection at the time of purchase. Just remember, the investment cost completely depends on policy tenure. Moreover, insurance companies are not at all flexible regarding premium payment.

Consumers should always remember that there are many agencies who call them financial advisor and calls you to sell policies. So, be cautious when you get these calls or are approached by them.

Most of the insurance agencies sell these policies as a good investment tool but strategies also showcase that returns are pretty low in this policy when compared to other policies but most of the time you are expected to get 8% to 10% return.

You should also know how Whole Life insurance works. Well, whenever you pay premium, the amount is divided into insurance cost, administration and sales fee and policy’s value (cash). The cash value is used as an investment in your whole life insurance policy to give you guaranteed result and rate.

Also, if you buy WLI from mutual insurance company, then you might receive dividends when you cash value grows. You will be given a choice on how to use dividends. You can pay premium with it or can take cash.

So before you buy a policy, search for whole life insurance quotes online to get instant response on your needs and financial budget. Compare the price of different policies, minus term life insurance and check for estimates for the investment you will make and the approximate return amount.

Life Insurance: Could Your Policy Be At Risk

Your life insurance policy is your way of ensuring your family’s financial safety and security in case or your early demise. But with the economy in so much trouble and many big name companies going bankrupt it is only natural to wonder what should happen if the company holding your policy should file for a bankruptcy. As well as what steps you can take to ensure your family continues to be protected.

What is the Risk?

The truth is there is some slight risk that the company holding your life insurance policy could fail. It is a very low risk but it is still there. Understanding exactly what would happen to your policy in a worse case scenario as well as how to minimize your risk can help you to protect your life insurance policy and your family.

What happens when a life insurance company fails?

Life insurance companies are regulated by the state that they are based in. What that means is if a life insurance company goes to the state insurance commission to advise them of an immanent failure the state must go to the aid of the company. This includes helping the company to get back on it’s feet. If helping the company recover does not work then the state will take over and liquidate the insurance company’s assets. But what does that mean for the owner of the life insurance policy?

Guarantee Associations

Each state has a guarantee association that is place to protect the life insurance owner if the insurance company fails. The association will cover each individual life insurance policy up to $100,000. If your policy is over $100.00 you may have a problem.

The best way to safeguard your life insurance policy is to make sure the life insurance company you choose is reliable. When choosing your policy be diligent by checking the insurance company’s financial rating to reduce your risk.

Should you purchase multiple life insurance policies?

If you have carefully chosen the most reliable insurance company then chances are you do not need to have multiple life insurance policies in place to mitigate the risk. Multiple policies are expensive to maintain. If you have chosen carefully your policy should be safe. You should also keep a look at life insurance monthly cost so that its remains within the budget and you can enjoy full benefits from your policy.

Spin-Life Policy Transactions: Investment Tools Assists Elderly

In the world of accounting and insurance, there are many opportunities for agents, brokers and major corporations to make money. Among the most popular transactions in recent years, the elderly population has become a target for many investment groups.

Purchasing life insurance policies from the elderly is a popular investment strategy for some investment companies. Also known as spin-life policy purchase, the elderly are, today, using their life insurance policies as a way to gain income while assigning the life insurance benefits over the investor.

There are many financial incentives to both the elderly population and the investor in the processing of spin-life policy transactions. However, there are some ethical issues that must be addressed. If you, or someone you love, holds a life insurance policy, and is considering the spin-life option, it is important to know what the ethical issues may be. The most important being the investor must have no insurance interest in the survival of the policy holder.

In addition to lack of insurable interest, the investor must assume the responsibility of not only making cash transaction to the policy holder, but will also be responsible for the payment of fees including policy premiums, broker fees and any related medical expenses that are required to keep the policy in force.

In terms of taxes and income reporting, if you choose to sell your life insurance proceeds as a spin-life transaction, be certain to discuss this decision with a tax advisor. While some forms of insurance benefits are not taxable, the use of an insurance policy to gain income may require some tax reporting. In terms of long term investment reporting, the investor will handle the reports under either a fair market value report or an investment report method.

While life insurance policies are the most widely used in the spin-life investment, some investment firms are also tapping into policies that insure the terminally ill. Known as viaticals, these documents provide some form of financial protection, in the form of a settlement contract, in the terminally ill patient.

As with any investment or financial decision, it is important to speak with a financial advisor before proceeding. While we commonly purchase life insurance as a way to provide for some financial security at the time of our death, many within the elderly population find a need for the additional income while still alive. If this describes your living situation, considering selling your life insurance benefits to an investment firm who specializes in spin-life insurance purchases and sales. You should also have a look at life insurance quick quote to get more knowledge about your insurance policy and all other necessary details.

What Steps Should Be Taken When Life Insurance Policy Lapse?

The trend of buying life insurance is increasing rapidly. Today every person wants to secure their life for the future. When a person owns a life insurance policy, it means that the life insurance company assures the life of the person. Having a life insurance policy has immense benefits as it acts as a helping hand for the family, and it is a type of long term policy. The benefits of life insurance force people to purchase the policy. If a person wants to invest their money for a long time, then spending money in life, insurance is the best choice. The tenure of the policy depends upon the plan and after a point of time, the life insurance lapse. The term lapse means that the life insurance policy is expired, and it is no longer activated.

Steps involved when the life insurance policy lapse

Lapse means when the contract between the policyholder and the life insurance company expires. It occurs when the policyholder fails to pay the premium amount and the installment. Then the life insurance company cancels the policy. The term lapse means that the policyholder or the beneficiary will no longer get the claim or the death benefits at the time of maturity. In this, the life insurance company is no longer liable to pay the amount of the policy because the policyholder fails to pay the money to the company.

When the policy is a lapse, then the life insurance company will not provide any benefits to the policyholder and the members of the family. When the policyholder is no longer paying the installments, then the life insurance company gives a reminder to the policyholder about the payment of the installments. It means that the c life insurance company provides the grace period to the policyholder so that he can make the pending payment. If possible the for the policyholder to pay the amount in the grace period. Then the lapsed contract between the policyholder and the life insurance company will renew. It means that the life insurance company gives a chance to the policyholder to restart their policy when the policy lapsed without any prior notice.

What is the grace period?

The life insurance company gives the extra time to the policyholder to pay the installment amount and the premium money. So that their policy will not lapse, the time given to the policyholder is known as the grace period. The grace period is the extra days allotted to the person to pay the installments after the expiry of the actual date. To avoid a lapse, the person should pay all the premiums of the life insurance policy on time, and if the person fails to pay the premium, then the company will lapse the policy. The grace period is an additional time given to the policyholder to pay the pending amount.

The grace period is the last stage before the lapsing of the policy. It comes after the premium due date is also expired. The grace period consists of one month or more, as it depends upon the terms and conditions of the policy. The interesting fact about the grace period is that if the insurer dies between the grace period, then the life insurance is liable to pay the whole amount to the beneficiary of the policyholder. But if the person didn’t die in the grace period and still not pays the pending amount, then the company will no longer be held liable for providing the coverage. Finally, the policy has lapsed when the payment is not made even in the grace period. Once it has deteriorated, then the life insurance company needs not to pay nay coverage, and the company becomes free from all the burden of paying the blanket to the policyholder.

Exceptions when the policy is reinstalled after lapsing

The reinstallation of the plan depends upon the terms and conditions of the life insurance company. If they agree to restart the program, then they can ask the policyholder to pay the premium even after the expiry of the grace period. The policyholder cannot force the company to restart the policy after the expiry of the grace period. It wholly depends upon the choice of the life insurance company. The owner once again gets a chance to reinstall their policy after the end of the grace period; if the policyholder wants to continue, then he needs to pay some amount to the company to begin their lapsed policy. But if the insurer disagrees with restarting the policy even after the end of the lapse period, then the policy seems permanently canceled for the lifetime. The tenure of reinstalling the lapsed policy varies after 30 days and eligible until the end of six months.

When the lapsed policy is reinstalling at that time, the policyholder needs to answer the few questions asked by the life insurance company. At that time, the owner of the policy needs to give the correct answers, so restart the policy. If the person tries to hide the truth from the company, then the company can cancel their reinstallation application. And the policy becomes void after this life insurance company is not responsible for paying the coverage to the ex-policyholder.

The brighter side of the re-installment period

The role of the reinstatement period is essential for both the life insurance company and the policyholder because they get an extended time for paying the installment. There may be various reasons for the re-installment period, firstly sometimes the policyholder fails to pay the money due to some reasons, but when they get additional time, they arrange the fund to pay the amount of the installments. Another reason can sometimes be the person who doesn’t follow the underwriting process, but when they get extra time, then they can complete the underwriting process. As we know that changes happen for a good reason after time breaks, the person gets time to re-think about restarting the policy or not.

Therefore, the reinstatement period plays an essential role in today’s life and has immense benefits. It works for dual aspect, one for the owner of the company and another for the policyholder. As we know that beginning the process of taking the new policy is expensive than renewing the existing system. That is why policyholder finds restarting a better option than buying a new policy. The older insurance policy is less costly than the new policy. The price of the plan is set according to the age group. If the person is older than the amount not of the program will be more than the younger ones. The best option to save money is to reinstate the idea rather than spending money on getting a new life insurance policy.

Wrapping up with:

To conclude this article, in this article, we have discussed the rules and regulations regarding the lapse of the policy and the grace period of the plan. The grace period depends upon the laws of the company. After the failure of the program, the company is no longer liable to pay the coverage amount to the policyholder. But the policyholder gets a chance to pay the amount even after the expiry of the grace period.