Friday, 8 Dec 2023
Category: Pets

Should You Adopt a Russian Blue Cat?

Russian Blues are attractive cats that are highly sought after due to their reputation as a loving, loyal breed of cat. But is a Russian Blue cat right for you? Russian Blues Require a Lot of Attention Russian Blue cats love to have the attention of their owners, whether that involves spending an hour or […]

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12 Packing Tips For Camping With Your Dog

Outdoorsy dog lovers love to load up and set out for national and state parks, forests and scenic campgrounds. Before you pack the pooch for a camping trip, however, a few essential preparations are needed. What equipment, supplies, and other items should dog owners grab to ensure their pets are safe, healthy and happy while […]

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Celebrities Choose to Adopt Rescue Dogs

Most celebrities have considerable disposable income and can certainly afford to buy purebred dogs or fashionable designer dogs. Yet, many celebrities choose to adopt rescue dogs instead. Chocolate Chip, Norman, Douglas, Flossie and Wink are just a few of the adopted rescue dogs that are now living the life of doggie luxury with their celebrity […]

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